Are you a person open to challenges? Are you looking for a place for yourself? A space where you will gain the opportunity for continuous development? Join the Vinderen team and spread your wings together with us!

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Why is it worth it?

Work + Passion + Fun = Vinderen. This is exactly how it is with us. We enjoy spending time with each other, including outside of work. Together we win 4 crowns in Runmageddon, we have our own soccer team “FC Vinderen, and in our free time we have a barbecue on the company patio. The greatest value at Vinderen is the people, and you can feel it!

  • More than 15 years of market presence

We are a stable company with a well-established position in the domestic and international market. By joining us, you will gain security and confidence that you are working with the best.

  • Recognizable brands

The Ceramstic, Rubtiler and Morgan & Möller brands belonging to the Vinderen Group are highly regarded on the domestic and international markets. You can be one of the people who will determine their future development.

  • More than 160 employees in 4 branches in Poland 

We focus on a stable team and long-term cooperation. That’s why most employees have been with us for years.

  • We work based on the model of a turquoise organization

We believe in the skills and trust our employees. We strive to create a healthy and friendly work atmosphere that encourages frank conversation and exchange of experiences.

  • Creative atmosphere

Vinderen values creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. With us, you will gain a space where you can develop yourself and use your ingenuity.

  • A focus on development

We do not like to stand still. We are constantly looking for new solutions and avoid boredom. Do you think the same? Then you’ll find yourself perfectly at home with us.

  • We act socially and environmentally responsible

We support the environment in which we operate. That’s why we are eager to help those in need and engage in CSR activities.

  • Many career paths

In our team you can develop in different directions. Send your resume and we will help you realize your full potential.