About company

Vinderen Sp. z o.o. has been operating for more than 20 years in the construction industry market as a Polish manufacturer and distributor of Ceramstic brand ceramic tiles and Rubtiler safe and ecological rubber surfaces. Vinderen has four branches in Poland and two abroad, employing more than 160 people.

Vinderen has its own central warehouse in Gdynia with a total area of 12,000 sqm. It also offers transportation, warehousing and customs services through Vinderen Logistic. Products of brands belonging to the Vinderen Group are sold on the Polish and foreign markets.

Vinderen in numbers

  • More than 200 collections and 50 million m2 of Ceramstic brand ceramic tiles sold

  • More than 40 awards and prizes in industry competitions

  • More than 96,000 tons of processed car tires at Rubtiler

Vinderen products are annually awarded and honored in prestigious competitions for their category, including Pearls of Ceramics, Good Design, Good Design, Bathroom – Choice of the Year.

Regular customers of Vinderen products are: Germany, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Austria, Russia, Ukraine, Israel, England, Georgia, Romania, Lithuania, Estonia, France, Cyprus, Dubai and the Baltic States.

“In Danish, the word Vinderen means victor. Like the Vikings once did, we like to win and have the soul of warriors. In business, we enjoy new challenges and competition, but we always apply the principle of fair – play.”

Our mission

Our mission is to stay ahead of trends. We are the company that is the fastest in the industry to respond to new developments in design and technology. Our products are created using the most modern technological lines. We offer customers a specific vision of a space in which they will feel completely comfortable. The greatest value of our company is our courageous team. This is a group of professionals who are fully committed to supporting customers every day.

What sets us apart?

  • Own production and storage facilities

Having its own production facilities, machinery and warehouses allows the company to remain independent and increase its competitive edge.

  • A team of experienced professionals and rich know-how

We have created a team of specialized professionals, technologists and management who have successfully completed several hundred orders over the years. The company’s products have been repeatedly recognized and awarded by the industry. The team’s experience and knowledge comes from observing trends and analyzing market performance. This allows us to provide not only a modern, but also an effective approach to business.

  • Comprehensiveness of services

Our goal is to provide comprehensive services from the beginning to the end of the project. The company is able to quickly adapt the technological process to the expectations of clients. We leverage experience and act with passion and commitment. We take the maximum burden off our clients at every stage of the order.

  • Flexibility and tailor-made solutions

Understanding Clients’ needs is the foundation of the company. Not forgetting this, we can offer each Client an individual approach, which is standard with us.

Our vision

We strive to make each of our brands the first choice for both Employees and Customers.