National Key Registers

Vinderen and Vinderen Mikspol are members of the Polish Construction Cluster

The Polish Construction Cluster belongs to an elite group of 7 clusters operating in Poland that have been granted the status of a National Key Cluster.

National Key Clusters represent strategic national industries and increase the competitiveness of their members both in the domestic and foreign markets. The Polish Construction Cluster, brings together more than 300 companies operating in the construction industry across Poland. Among the members of the cluster are general contractors, architects, manufacturers of construction materials and chemicals, manufacturers of woodwork, interior furnishings, furniture and blinds.

The Cluster’s activities are supported by universities and business environment institutions, which, through R&D activities, help companies develop their innovative potential and achieve competitive advantage.

Vinderen is a member of the Cluster of Waste Management and Recycling

The Cluster of Waste Management and Recycling (KGOiR) is made up of companies with Polish capital that are involved in recycling and transportation of any type of waste. They provide services throughout the country, in most EU and non-EU countries.

Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises engage in activities involving collection, disposal, processing, recovery, recycling and transportation of every type of waste. Machinery and equipment manufacturers engage in waste treatment, recycling and disposal. Manufacturers of finished goods, on the other hand, use recycled raw materials resulting from the recycling process.

These activities are supported by scientific institutions, state-of-the-art research and development centers, and companies and institutions that provide business support.

Vinderen is a member of the Polish Tire Recyclers Association

Polish Association of Tire Recyclers – a non-for-profit organization that brings together most of the country’s mechanical tire recycling (ELT) facilities and is committed to clearing the Polish forests of the waste tires abandoned there, freeing the planet’s atmosphere from excess carbon dioxide and to the practical realization of the noble vision of a closed-loop economy.

The Association represents and promotes the waste tire recycling industry in Poland and abroad, participates in the creation of recommendations, guidelines and legislation governing the handling of waste tires and products made from recyclates, and supports technical and organizational solutions in the area of research and development for the development of the industry and, consequently, for the sustainable and safe management of waste tires.

Between 2010 and 2013, Vinderen built a waste rubber tire recycling plant in Slawno, where it produces top-quality SBR granulate, as well as alternative fuel.

From SBR granules, the plant produces safe rubber surfaces, signing them with the Rubtiler brand. These surfaces are ideally used in sports facilities, children’s playgrounds and as architectural elements. The entire infrastructure of the production facility has been designed with the environment in mind – from the building’s construction to operations and functioning. The factory is equipped with modern and energy-efficient machinery with high productivity.